Monday, April 27, 2009

Germy the Bear: Volume 1

So, Shawn and I have published the first volume of The Adventures of Germy the Bear. You want one? By all means, buy one. It'll be radical, I promise. It's the new rage. Everybody's doing it.

We're chargin' a super reasonable price of $5.00 a book. And that's Canadian funds even! Plus the shipping of course... I'm sure I can slip in the mail. Actually, I've just weighed the thing and it's a dollar (really it's $0.98, but what's the extra 2 cents? Really?) for shipping/mailing to Canadian addresses. And a bit more for places elsewhere of course. ($1.18 for US and $2.36 for International and if you are buying one internationally...awesome.)

So let me know if you wanna copy and we'll be more than glad (and by "more" I mean "extra-extra more") to send you one. Send me an email and we'll sort it all out! Or, actually send it to "Germy" so I can keep track better than I would otherwise... germy.the.bear (at)