Sunday, January 7, 2007

Firstest Post Evah!!!! LOL, BRB, :) !!!!!

Well, here's the firstist post ever for this silly thing. Jackie said I should do one, and I'm pretty good with the whole peer-pressure thang.

So, this was what I did for my ma' for the Christmas. It the bunch from the old '50s film, The Ladykillers. Turned out alright considering the time it took me to do it. Ah, Colin and his super-fast style. Nothing too outlandish or anything, I just really liked Alec Guiness' teeth in the film so that's pretty much why I drew the whole thing. "Make me a painting" my mom says. Every year. So this year I did. It had nothing to do with my finances or anything.

Yup, so this is pretty much the most recent thing I've done. Well, accept for the one for my dad......

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